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"   You love a person so much that you let them eat you alive. Watch curiously as they pick out the parts of you from between their teeth with a fingernail. Kiss their incisors after and say ‘thank god I was here,’   "
Azra.T “Toothpick”  (via petrichour)

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"   What you see defines you, where you go creates who you are. There is only one right way that your parents can raise you and that is by giving you the ability to think and feel freely, find who you were born to be. We are only what we let ourselves become, we limit ourselves and allow our lives to become a routine, branching outside normality has become a rarity, we are educated and negotiated out of our freedom, our brains are infinite and we restrict ourselves to a 24/7 365 schedule of what we have convinced ourselves is regular. A job, a family, a home, these aren’t necessities, they are a comfort. Push yourself, break out of your comfort zone, see beautiful things, forget about time, time does not exist. Go places you see in photographs, speak beautiful words, be cultural, learn something new, fall in love, follow your body, your intuitions and instincts, be free, you are a miracle, each breath you take is extraordinary. The world will go round and the sun will set tonight and rise tomorrow, follow it, do what you dream about, go where you think about, feel what you feel and live till you’re no longer living. There is no right and wrong about anything, we are infinite, we are alive   "


"Stay with the pain, don’t shut this out.  Without pain, without sacrifice we would have nothing. This is your pain. This is your burning hand its right here. This is the greatest moment of your life and you’re off somewhere missing it. First you have to give up. First you have to know, not fear, know that one day you are going to die.  Its only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything." 

Fight Club (1999) Directed by David Fincher

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"   I think everybody who relates to music is kind of isolated. It’s lonely. Everyone who uses the creative side of their brain is that much removed from reality. They are looking for answers wherever they can find them.   "
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