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Anatomically correct underwear and bra from the “Why Are You So Afraid of Your Own Anatomy” collection by Eleanor Beth Haswell.

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Cykeem White x The Thinker

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"   I want to write a novel about silence. The things people don’t say.   "
Virginia Woolf (The Voyage Out)

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david lachapelle: earth laughs in flowers
‘springtime’ by david lachapelle, 2011
courtesy of the artist and fred torres collaborations, new york

american photographer david lachapelle has created ‘earth laughs in flowers’, a series consisting of the ten large-scale still life photographs. fred torres collaborations will exhibit the entire series for the first time in the united states. lachapelle’s installation explores the fragility of society and ideas of vice and vanity through composing his images in a manner typical to that of baroque still life painting. deviating from the inclusion of solely fruit, flowers and sculls, the artist evokes a contemporary sensibility through his use of items such as pre-packaged foods, mobile phones, medicine, balloons, and barbie dolls. rather than being constructed in an especially balanced composition, lachapelle’s massive painterly-like photographs are intentionally chaotic, engaging the viewer as he/she attempt to reconcile the overwhelming canvas.

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